Understanding The Learning Strands Of IEYC That Used In Preschool Jakarta

by Mujahid Sahroni
Understanding The Learning Strands Of IEYC That Used In Preschool Jakarta

IEYC or international Early years curriculum is mostly used in an international standard school. As the name implies, the curriculum over several learning subjects and activities means for the young learner. But why use IEYC for preschool Jakarta Barat? One of the reasons is the learning strand that IEYC employs. Here is the explanation regarding the detail of its strands or the principles.

The Learning Strands Of IEYC

  1. Independence and interdependence

The first stand underpins the need for cognitive development. However, it is not mainly focused on the ability to understand the number and technical skills. The strands mostly focus on the self-construal based on the different cognitive representations. It is connected to the student’s values, abilities, traits, and attitudes. It helps students to improve their personal development.

At the same time, the interdependent self-construal will focus on how students will show a different point of view. The strands will help students to figure out the social roles, relationships, and membership. Even though the two terms clashing with each other, the curriculum proposes enhancing activities that will help in developing both strands together.

  1. Communicating

The communicating in learning strands used to extend students of preschool Jakarta in the social aspect or area of development. As one of the six areas of development, communicating will combine receptive skill and productive skills. In preschool, students can learn through some activities, such as listening, viewing, reading, writing, speaking, and presenting.

  1. Enquiring

Global Sevilla preschool uses IEYC because of a large number of activities and possibilities. In this case, the IEYC offers enquiring strands that focus on enhancing students’ critical thinking and demand students to solve the problem. Based on the students’ program, the inquiry activities can range from art methodologies, scenario-based learning, lived values, to philosophical inquiry.

  1. Healthy living and physical wellbeing

The principle of this strand underlines the interconnection of health and physical education.  Most of the time, preschool Jakarta will provide activities such as active living, social-emotional learning skills, to movement competence. The strands work well with Global Sevilla‘s character building and mindfulness approach. It helps students complete all areas of development.

The learning strands are the basic or the learning principle that underpins the IEYC. It focuses on the three aspects of students’ development, including communication, enquiring skill, healthy living & physical wellbeing, and Independence & interdependence. All of them are means to support six areas of children’s development. You can get this IEYC in Global Sevilla Jakarta.

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