Bodybuilding Tips For Beginners


If you are looking to put on muscle in the gym, follow these simple steps and avoid the most common pitfalls for gaining hardcore muscle:

1) The first thing I recommend is eating a healthy diet with as many all natural and organic foods as possible, starting now.  Healthy ingredients with the least amount of chemicals and additives are best. Raw fruits and vegetables, fiber, lean protein, and essential fats and oils are all necessary to optain optimal results and maintain overall health.   Make sure you stay away from processed foods, prepackaged meals, and sugar.  And as always, make sure to drink  plenty of water.

 2) The second step is to take a few pictures and measurements of yourself.  Many beginners get easily discouraged  because they don’t notice actual results.  If you take a picture of yourself today, train hard for the next two  months and then take another picture, using the same pose, you should see a difference.  You might not have  gained a pound, but your fat weight most likely then has transformed into muscle weight.  Watching your weight on the scale is important, and can give you valuable information, but don’t get obsessive about it.  Obsessing over  the scale only plays games with your mind and causes you to doubt yourself.  Remember that you will only succeed  in bodybuilding if you build your mind as well.  Meditation and yoga are very beneficial for everyone, especially bodybuilders.  Learn more about the benefits of a strong mind with this great book, also available for Kindle

.3) The third step is to start keeping a journal today.  Write down what you eat and how much of it, jot down notes  and goals to reflect on later,  write down what exercises you did and for how long, etc.  I haven’t looked yet but I’m sure there’s an app for that.  Sometimes you might not  get the results you were hoping for but usually the reason is something that can be changed if recognized. If  you get stuck in a rut and need help, your journal will give you valuable information to share with your mentor.  Share your journal  with a trainer, or a friend, or post online in a bodybuilding forum and most likely you will find a suggestion  that will change things for the better. 

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